Monday 5th September 2022 in collaboration with Thomas Franks Ltd and Thomas Franks community, Surplus To Purpose supplied surplus food to the catering kitchen at Heald Place primary school. Led by Operations manager Steve Rutherford and chef Darren Marshall over 350kg of fruit and vegetables was turned into healthy, nutritional quality meals for approximately 350 children.

Up to 3 times a week, surplus food is to be delivered by SToP driver Shahram and cooked by the incredible team of chefs at Thomas Franks Ltd. Approximately 16 tons of food will be prevented from becoming waste across the academic year – the equivalent of 38 thousand meals.

If successful, SToP and Thomas Franks aim to launch this collaboration into primary schools nationally, stopping thousands of tons of surplus food from becoming waste and feeding thousands of children and families.

Let’s #SToP wasting food… and REALLY feed the world!

If your school is interested in preventing food from becoming waste, whilst feeding children quality food, then get in touch: